Jennifer Francis joined the Museum staff in August of 2012 after nearly nine years as Head of Press and Marketing at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. Successes there include significant contributions to the exhibitions program, increased visitor attendance, more effective corporate communications, improved public and media awareness, delivery of comprehensive marketing solutions, and an enhanced institutional reputation as a premier cultural institution.

Under her new role as Executive Director of Marketing and Communications at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Ms. Francis oversees the Museum’s Marketing and Communications Division, which is responsible for editorial and graphic design, special events, marketing and advertising, and press and media communications.

Interested in the field of marketing from an early age, Ms. Francis received her MA in Cultural Leadership and Policy Management at City University. She has worked as Public Relations Executive at London and Provincial Antique Dealers Association; Head of Media Relations at the Victoria and Albert Museum; Head of Media Relations at the Royal College of Art; Director of Communication at the Drum Art Center and as an public relations executive for LAPADA; in addition to providing consulting services to a number of high profile organizations in Great Britain including the London Tourist Board and Royal Opera House.

Ms. Francis’s goals for her new role align with the Museum’s mission of amplifying its voice in the local, regional, national, and international cultural community, re-activating the collection and connecting with new audiences. She has a unique talent for identifying “the big idea” through the study of consumer behavior, coordination of various communications functions, and identification of key themes within the Strategic Plan that will resonate with various constituencies.

Ms. Francis was drawn to her profession by a deep interest in the decision-making process of individuals, and her expertise has come from a life spent examining it. In addition to her work at the Museum, she has served as a member of the National Museums Directors Conference Marketing Committee and on the board of the Arts Council England – London region.

A self-described “arts junkie,” Ms. Francis enjoys painting and exploring Philadelphia and its arts and culture scene—as both a visitor who loves the art on display and as a consummate professional who notes signage and messaging.