I began my career out of Penn State as an Account Executive for an Advertising Agency. I loved every aspect of the industry. Soon after I began my family and after raising 2 daughters, that I put through Ohio State, then Harvard and Temple for her Masters Degree, and my youngest daughter who went to Virginia Tech, and then U MASS for her Masters Degree, I began phase two of my career. While I was raising my children, I was very active in the community and in their schools. I ran numerous fundraisers and headed special projects in the community, such as Census 2000 where I received awards from the federal government.

I carried these experiences into my next career as a Public Information Writer and Legislative Liaison for a Senator, who was Chair of the Banking and Insurance Committee. Politics is an exciting, demanding and rewarding world. After the Senator’s retirement, I moved into the healthcare field as Director of Marketing and Sales for a healthcare technology start-up company. I brought this company to market in every aspect. The day we were ready to accept patients in a clinical setting, was one of my crowning moments. I continued in the heatlhcare field when an opportunity came along as an Account Executive in the medical/surgical/pharma industry. This gave me the broadest basis of knowledge of the healthcare industry, and the company was sold at a great profit.

I again entered into the executive arena as Director of Marketing and Business Development for an Independent Medical Review Organization. The work we do is very rewarding, in that our firm gives the claimants/insured a fair and independent review of their insurance denial, as well as for the insurance company. All the market dynamics have changed since the introduction of the Affordable Care Act and we are in the process of restructuring the company. It is a daunting task to keep up with all the changes, rules and regulations, as well as mandates. Knowledge and information dissemination to our customers has become a key role. Delivering this type content marketing has become necessary to be a leader in the industry. Delivering this brand value is key to our success, as the source for knowledge and experience.

Recently, I was named as Chairman of the Marketing Committee for our industry’s trade association, NAIRO (National Association of Independent Review Organizations). It has been my goal as Chairman to make NAIRO relevant in the healthcare industry, and advance NAIRO in the realm of social media. Again, positioning NAIRO as a place where business entities can seek out answers to the new complexities of healthcare, and means to disseminate this information to advance IROs as a group.

Education: Wharton

  • – University of Pennsylvania; Philadelphia, PA. Wharton Fellow- July 17, 2013 Wharton; Aresty Institute of Executive Education (Marketing/Management Leadership CPD Program); January 2013 –October 2013 The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA. Graduate. Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising; Within the College of Communication/School of Journalism.
  • – Delta Delta Delta Sorority; held several positions.
  • – Sigma Pi Fraternity Little Sister.
  • – Varsity letters and a credit in Softball and Volleyball.

Please see below attached a summation of my current job description as Director of Marketing and Business Development:

  • Performs the following marketing supervisory job responsibilities:
  • Develops and executes a comprehensive corporate marketing strategy.
  • Performs market research, analyzes new markets and pursues new business opportunities.
  • Interacts with existing corporate contacts, facilitates communication, keeps track of milestones and identifies scope for enhancing those relationships.
  • Prepares presentations and marketing materials for meetings, seminars and conferences.
  • Responds to “Requests for Proposals” issued by commercial entities.
  • Supervises sales and account management staff:
  • Oversees development of new business opportunities and retention of current accounts.
  • Participates in the development of staff incentive programs for express purpose of improving customer service.
  • Organizes, tracks, documents and reports on the status of all prospects in the business development pipeline.
  • Serves as a member of the Quality Management Committee.