CIC Wealth takes a holistic approach to financial planning. We are here to help you design a strategy and educate you about your investments to help you live worry-free now and in the future. Through our transparent approach, our team is dedicated to helping you design a Life Well Calculated™. In addition, CIC Wealth stands out because we are respected by our colleagues in the business as well as the financial media, writing frequently on topics that cover stocks and finance for the Wall Street Journal, Forbes and a myriad of other financial publications.

Advisory Board

At CIC Wealth we formed an all-female advisory board to guide us in meeting the needs of our diverse client base.


At CIC Wealth, we believe that strong companies build strong communities, and strong communities build strong companies.

Our Story

CIC Wealth empowers people to achieve financial independence, manage the risk of outliving their assets, and leave a legacy.


Our team of experts wants to help you balance your personal goals with your financial life by creating customized financial plans.